Empowering living lab communities
through creative collaboration to create
solutions for people, prosperity and the planet

our values

⦁ Products
⦁ Services
⦁ Smart solutions
⦁ Quadruple helix
COLLABORATION ⦁ Local, national and global
⦁ Industry
⦁ Governments
⦁ Communities
⦁ Research institutions
OPENNESS ⦁ Creative commons
⦁ Sharing economy
⦁ Knowledge sharing
⦁ Capacity building
⦁ Equitable access
INCLUSION ⦁ All people: migrants, indigenous, disabled, LGBTIQ+, mature
⦁ Young people and future generations/leaders
SUSTAINABILITY ⦁ Circular economy
⦁ Water waste and energy
⦁ Natural environment
⦁ Climate change
⦁ Resilience

our core aims

To promote collaboration on strategically relevant topics such as health, disability and ageing, smart cities, youth and wellbeing, social innovation, rural and urban living labs

To leverage the potential of
technology to promote
enhanced collaboration
and impactful outputs

To promote inter-disciplinary approaches to innovation across universities, business, communities, industry and government