ALLiN Membership Benefits

ALLiN membership provides access to exclusive benefits for Australian and international emerging and established living labs, businesses, universities, community organisations and governments:

1. Be part of the Living Labs movement in Australia:

ꞏ Access to ALLiN's Australian networking platform

ꞏ Members only events & resources

ꞏ Influence of government research agendas, and Living Lab ethos in Australia

2. Access opportunities to work with ALLiN’s international partners and networks

3. Promote your Living Lab or work within the Living Lab community

ꞏ Via ALLiN social media, newsletters, media releases, conferences, and networking opportunities

 4. Access opportunities to partner with Living Labs:

ꞏ Collaboration on projects

ꞏ Learning opportunities

ꞏ To test ideas and solutions in a rigorous, user-focused   methodology

By joining ALLiN you will be supporting the development of the Living Lab movement in Australia, and helping to create sustainable, innovative solutions for people, prosperity and the planet.

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